As of this week we have a few new products for you – Reed avocados (3kg and 5kg), Hass XL avocados (3kg and 5kg) and Honey Belle pears (3kg, 5kg & 10kg).

We will in the next few days also make our mixed fruit boxes available again.

December is expensive enough so we have decided that all our avocado boxes will be on sale
from now up to Christmas.
Last orders before Christmas have to be in by 17 December 7am for the S-Island
and 21 December 7am for the N-Island.
Go to our webshop to see the goodies.
Merry Christmas from The Beeks!

Today we’ve started our Reed season. And since a few weeks we also have started picking our Valencia oranges. We’ve been to busy with family visiting us from overseas to update our shop before, but as off today you can order both the Valencias as well as the Reed avos from our shop.

The Hass avos will remain available until April-May 2020.

We’re back and fully recharged for a phenomenal Hass avocado season. The first hass avos have been picked for last weekend’s markets and today we are adding them to the Beeksbox shop. They are incredibly creamy again this year. Get your avocados all by themselves or mix them up with stunning East Coast navels.

Two big crops gone – we need a break.

We are taking a short one week break next week. This means that our customers won’t find us at the Farmers Markets in Feilding, Napier and Hastings in the weekend of 4 to 6 October.

It also means that we will not be sending out Beeksboxes during that week. The last orders we will process have to be received by us on Monday 30 September 7am. As per usual we will pick your fruit on that day and dispatch it the same afternoon. See you back at the other end.

Who doesn’t love East Coast navel oranges? We sure do! We have added our Carter navels to our web shop today. In other exciting news we have also started our fuerte avocado season. We refer to the fuerte as hass’ ugly little brother with a smaller heart. As tasty as the hass but with a bit of a paler skin. Very small stones. We have added the fuerte to our shop as well. Get them either in a mixed box with our navels (and we throw in a few limes as well) or fill up a box with just avos! You know you want to!